Over twenty-five years ago when it first opened, Lam’s was a tiny grocery store barely larger than 700 square feet. It was a family-run affair like most other small businesses in Seattle’s International District. Mac and Judy Lam would put in long hours with their five kids — three sons and two daughters — who would come in after school and on the weekends to help out.

The key ingredients for their success were friendly service and quality products at a great value for the money. Those values still ring true for the family business today. Lam’s Seafood expanded from 700 square feet to about 7,000 square feet more than a decade ago, and is now located on South King Street just east of 12th Avenue South. Lam’s is the place to go for the freshest seafood, fruits and vegetables. If you’re into Southeast Asian cuisine, Lam’s is your one-stop source for authentic ingredients.

Mac and Judy’s youngest daughter, Yen Lam, took over the helm of the business just before the Great Recession of 2008. Undaunted by the grim economic situation, the cheerful Yen was able to steer Lam’s Seafood Market to its best sales in its history.

Being a stay-at-home mom to her children (now 2 toddlers) has always been something Yen wanted to do, but finding the right people to take over and carry on her family’s business had not been easy. After she met George Nguyen and his family (pictured above), she knew they would be the best people with the know-how and dedication to take over Lam’s. In June 2015, Yen passed the baton onto the new owners of Lam’s Seafood Market, George and Kim Nguyen.

George’s family owned and operated an Asia market in Michigan for a number of years, as well as a wholesale business out of California. They have not only retained the good values that Yen’s family had worked for over 24 years to build, but have also added even more selection and greater value to Lam’s Seafood customers.